Yeti Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Yeti Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd. wing of Yeti group offers its clients HDPE pipes which are manufactured from 100% virgin grade HDPE compounds. Yeti HDPE pipes have an average life more than 50 Years under normal working conditions. Manufactured under the NS standards & specification our pipes are available in sizes ranging from 16 mm up to 400 mm outer diameter, & 2.5 Kg/Cm2 up to 10 Kg/Cm2. Customization is done as per the client’s specific need. Our pipes have some greatest advantages which made it as a most preferable & useful object to the pipe market all around Nepal. Discovery of pipe made from Thermoplastic material is considered to be the latest & most significant development in the field of Pipeline Engineering. High density Polyethylene (HDPE) today is the highly versatile and appropriate piping material. Because of the outstanding performance, the pipe made from this unique thermoplastic has proven its operational and economical superiority over the conventional pipeline system. Provide and ensure safe, convenient & adequate water supply to all Nepalese with sanitation as an integral component & with specific focus on disadvantaged groups. Reduce the incidence of water-related dieses prevalent in the country. Reduce suffering & drudgery of women & children, traditionally responsible for collecting water and domestic sanitation and hygiene.