Baylor International Academy

Baylor International Academy (+2 College) situated in the delicate and beautiful lap of Banepa-7, Kavre which is about 26 kilometers away from Kathmandu, the capital city. As an academia, it is bestowing an excellent opportunity for students to uplift their standard through outstanding schemes. BIA has proudly announced +2 program in Science and Management from 2065 B.S along with Dipika Campus 4 years BBS (TU) from 2070 B.S likewise Baylor Montessori Kids Castle from 2068 B.S. to all the parents and students who are having great interest in quality education in the 21 century and has planned for Humanities and other faculties in the following years.

BIA has been able to achieve quite remarkable +2 with significant number of students passing with distinction and able to get the entrance in highly reputed the Colleges and the Universities. In modern technology world, students need to know as to how they can get the world knowledge at their doorstep. The provision of counseling for study abroad program and exchange of students and faculty is another fact of this institution. BIA is trying to be a partner of various national and international educational institutions to open the vista for its members in order to exchange academic excellences.